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Nutrihealers E.I.R.L. - Boticaperu.com, will replace goods damaged as a result of transportation in the opportunity the insurance covers the corresponding cost. In order to make the right to get the replacement valid, the Client should make a formal claim to the carrier (Postal Service, Courier, or other) at the moment of delivery. Damage should be accurately specified. If the goods have been dropped off at destination without Clients participation, then the Client that suspects that the goods could be damaged due to the appearence of the package, should call the carrier to open the package together, then do the claim if corresponds. In case some damaged good is found without noticing it before openning the package, then the Client should present a written claim to the carrier. A photograf would be useful in most cases.

Client should send the claim number or a copy of the document used for such purpose, and a photo if available, to Nutrihealers E.I.R.L , by email or by fax.